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For some years now, in terms of the contracts it has handled, AlteCh Mladá Boleslav has figured among the top Czech suppliers of curtain walling, interior structural glazing and plastic windows and doors.

Since entering the Czech market in 1995, the company has worked for direct investors and for building firms in jobs of varying scope, technical requirements and character.

With a view to the client’s interests and the subsequent implementation process, we place maximum emphasis on the knack of listening to the client’s needs and requirements, finding an optimal technical solution, and ultimately implementing and keeping to the agreed principles of

quality of work done x agreed deadline x agreed price of work

To ensure the quality of the work we do, we use a management system consistent with the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, a certificate for which we have held since 2002.

We are able to keep to agreed deadlines primarily by virtue of the fact that:

  • we adhere to an active business policy where we seek out contracts in line with our company’s human, technical and technological potential
  • we place an emphasis on performing contracts with our own resources
  • where necessary, we cooperate with proven companies with whom we enjoy long-standing close relations
  • we run our contracts using top European tried-and-tested systems of certified quality that offer well-designed details

Keeping and sticking to agreed prices for the work we deliver is one of the cornerstones of the values we adhere to in our operations in this field.


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AlteCh Mladá Boleslav, s.r.o
Plazy 103 - průmyslová zóna
Mladá Boleslav 293 01

+ 420 326 375 062,
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