Company potential

Potential is commonly portrayed as a set of capabilities and the general ability to do something. So how can this broad term be interpreted in association with the possibilities offered by AlteCh?

Closely-linked resources that are exploited at our company are:

  • HR potential
  • Technical potential
  • Production technology potential

A general rule of thumb is that they influence each other and the resultant effect is always directly proportional to the weakest link in this chain. With this in mind, to ensure the stability of our operations we must foster an unwavering relationship, harmonious in terms of interlinking capacity, that embraces all three of the basic resources forming this plane.

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HR potential

comprises all our people in sales, contract preparations, design and management, economics, supply, production, warehousing and transport.

It is the driver and future basis of our success. In our field of work, combining the construction and mechanical industries, any mistake or hesitation is highly costly.

Therefore, the company is as good as the people it employs and how it manages to exploit and handle the individuality and potential of each of them.

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Technical potential

is a set of know-how in this and related fields which the company, through its staff, has absorbed from available resources and, in particular, via its own development. By virtue of its experience from past jobs and the input technologies and materials it uses, the company has shaped, developed and implemented this know-how in the process of winning, preparing and realizing contracts.

The relevant hardware and software is used in the tendering, design, preparatory, production and installation phases of a contract to underpin the efficiency of these activities.

Gallery - Production technology potential

Production technology potential

at an adequate level is essential in implementing contracts to the necessary quality and within the timeframe required by the client.

In this respect, indexing, machining and bonding take place on cutting-edge CNC machinery from top European companies specializing in the production of facilities for the production of plastic windows and doors and the for production of glazed aluminium frames.

To ensure the quality of the work we do, we use a management system consistent with the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, which includes our own customized transportation of products for individual contracts.


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